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Compressible Fill Applications: GeoSpan® Compressible Fill


GeoSpan® compressible fill material, an expanded polystyrene (EPS) product, is designed to act as a compressible medium reducing potential forces on structures in the event soil expansion occurs after construction is completed. It can be distinguished from other EPS materials, not designed for this application, by its brown earth tone colour.

Soil deposits that contain substantial proportions of clay mineral particles have significant potential for expansion. Soil investigation will identify the extent of expansion to be expected.

Soil expansion may affect the performance of structural members, even when pile foundations have been used. The magnitude of soil expansion experienced will depend upon factors such as soil moisture loss during construction and new conditions imposed on the soil as a result of construction (e.g. changes in soil stress/temperature induced by the new structure and additional sources of moisture due to landscaping or other factors).

GeoSpan compressible fill material is intended for use as a compressible medium under concrete grade beams, under some structural floor slabs and against foundation walls. GeoSpan compressible fill material is designed to support expected construction live loads and the weight of the structural slab, until the concrete has cured and gained enough strength to be self-supporting.


recreational To view the design manual document on GeoSpan Compressible Fill, click here.


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