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Modified Bitumen (Roofing)

Modified bitumen roofing systems used in Canada incorporating PlastiSpan
insulation board have been engineered to provide optimum performance
in Canada's harsh climate. This type of system is suitable for either new or
maintenance roofing applications.

The popularity of modified bitumen roofing systems is increasing as more
building designers and specifiers begin to specify these types of systems.
Engineered modified bitumen roofing membranes originated in Europe in the
mid 1960's and have been used successfully in Canada and the United States
since approximately 1975.

Installation Methods
Modified bitumen membranes are most commonly attached in the following

• Mopped with hot asphalt.
• Torched on.

When using these methods, a protection board over the top surface of
the insulation board must be included in order to avoid damage to the
insulation board. Various modified bitumen roof assemblies incorporating
PlastiSpan insulation board have been tested for compliance with
requirements for fire rated roof assemblies.
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