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Durospan GPS R5

DuroSpan GPS Insulation is the TRUE R5

The building code is demanding more energy efficiency from every part of the building. With 50 years of proven recognized product performance behind us, we have developed one of the most energy efficient ways to insulate the building envelope yet: DuroSpan®GPS insulation with graphite.

DuroSpan®GPS Insulation is a closed cell graphite-enchanced rigid insulation board. More energy efficient than conventional sheathing. It is easy to install, environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Without continuous insulating sheathing, homes can experience a heat loss of up to 40% due to thermal bridging.

DuroSpan®GPS insulation can greatly reduce that heat loss. Graphite absorbs radiant energy, increasing thermal resistance and retaining its R-value over time.

The Smartest Solution in Continuous Insulating SheathingDuroSpan GPS R5 is test and true
for the life of the building

Just some of the reasons why you should use DuroSpan GPS R5: