Making our world better.

Through our singular focus on creating long-term value for all our constituents, we are continuously improving the quality, environmental performance, and manufacturing of expanded polystyrene (EPS) products.

There are three principles that guide us in all we do:


For more than 50 years, Plasti-Fab has been building multi-generational relationships based on personal commitment and a deep sense of responsibility. Internally and externally, we care about the people we choose to work with, so we keep our word. As one of our longstanding customers has been known to say, “You can take a Plasti-Fab promise to the bank.”


Building lasting relationships requires a commitment to doing the right thing. Knowing ourselves. Developing the people, organizations and places that support us. Employing our creativity and forging new paths help us to advance the greater good. We take action to solve tough challenges. Together.

Long-term solutions

We see the bigger picture and are motivated to contribute in lasting ways. We don’t believe in shortcuts because anything worth doing is worth doing right. We look to the horizon, while taking the steps that are needed today to progress. Some actions are incremental, and some are transformational. It’s all part of our plan to create mutual benefit while balancing the priorities that matter to us all.

Together we are helping create lasting communities.

Plasti-Fab has grown over five decades to have 325 employees in nine locations across North America. We are active contributors to the development of product standards and building codes, listing bodies for sustainable building materials, and industry associations that perform life cycle analyses and environmental declarations.



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Plasti-Fab is proud to be a member of many architectural, construction, and geo-technical affiliations across North America. Learn more here.