Newsletter: November 2012

Radiant Floor Heating using PlastiSpan HD Insulation

Written by Melissa Carruthers

Everyone wants a useable basement. You don’t build a basement just for storage. So when constructing your new house, consider a radiant floor heating system.

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Building your above grade walls using Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF’s)

Written by: Colin Showalter

Walls built with the Advantage ICF System provide improved energy efficiency that results in reduced operating costs for the life of the building.

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Building Walls with Insulspan SIPs

Written by Aaron Hinde

Staying with the above grade walls of the home in this week’s blog, I discuss yet another solution: Structural Insulating Panel wall systems. Read More >

Plasti-Fab Solutions Home: Exterior Sheathing Insulation

Written by Melissa Carruthers

So now let’s talk exterior sheathing. People are continually looking at different ways to increase their energy efficiency and decrease their energy costs. Read More >

Insulspan SIP Floor Applications

Written by Dave Stevenson

We have insulated the foundation walls of our Plasti-Fab Solutions Home using three different methods as discussed by Melissa and Colin in the previous blogs.
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Radiant Floor Project with PlastiSpan HD Insulation

Check out this recent radiant floor heating project using Plasti-Fab insulation. This newly constructed home is located in Calgary, Alberta. Click on this link to view.

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