Newsletter: August 2013

How to Insulate your Home with Exterior Sheathing from Plasti-Fab

written by: Melissa Carruthers

It’s that season where all those outdoor home and garden projects are underway or they are in your plans to be completed sooner than later.

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Better {Sustainable} Building with EPS Product Solutions

Corporate Sustainability Reporting has steadily gained traction as part of a company’s reporting plan. In order to ensure the high quality of these reports, organizations have referred to the guidelines set by the Global Reporting Initiative.

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Renovating your Home with
Plasti-Fab Continuous Insulation

written by: Melissa Carruthers

Renovating your home? Let’s talk exterior sheathing. People are always looking at different ways to increase their energy efficiency and decrease their energy costs.

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Plasti-Fab® GeoSpec® Lightweight Fill Material for Road Embankments

I am sure you have been driving along, and seen sights like the one below, where the edge of the road is crumbling or breaking away because of the soil beneath.

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Environmental Stewardship

PFB Corporation is committed to conducting our operations responsibly, mindful of the economic, environmental and social impacts of our operations.

It is our intention to focus on improving our performance related to conversion of inputs, such as materials, energy, and water; into outputs, such as products, emissions, effluents and waste through a process of continuous improvement.

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