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GeoVoid® Compressible Fill
Compressible medium under structural concrete floors

GeoVoid® Compressible Fill

GeoVoid compressible fill material is an expanded polystyrene product
designed to act as a compressible medium between swelling soils and
structural elements. Where long-term soil movement can be predicted,
GeoVoid compressible fill material can be designed to reduce the forces that
would be induced on structures by soil movement, thus reducing the
likelihood of damage to the structure above. GeoVoid design for each
application is based on the thickness and depth of the GeoVoid
compressible fill material which is unaffected by water, does not support
vermin or insects, and the dimensions can be easily adjusted on the job site.

GeoVoid compressible fill material properties assist designers in
addressing the following code requirements:
  • GeoVoid compressible fill material is designed specifically to meet the
    structure requirements for each application.
  • GeoVoid is available in a range of compressive resistance to permit
    design for light structural to heavy structural elements.
  • GeoVoid design criteria are provided for each application in the
    design summary for review by the engineer.
  • GeoVoid is not affected by the presence of water on the short term nor
    is it dependent on the presence of water in the long term.

Required Project Data for GeoVoid Design
Slab Depth Slap Weight Construction
Live Load
Property Values Soil Swell
Slab Depth Slap Weight Construction
Live Load
Property Values Soil Swell

A = slab thickness - mm (inches)
B = self-weight of the structural slab - kPa (psf)
C = live load on formwork during concrete placing/finishing - kPa (psf)
D = minimum slab uplift capacity = 1.25 x C - kPa (psf)
E = long term upward movement of soil beneath structure - mm (inches)