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DuroSpan® Insulation
Durable rigid insulation

DuroSpan® Insulation is used in Cathedral Ceiling, Continuous Insulation, Exterior Foundation, Interior Basement Walls, Basement Floor and Under Slab.

Main Applications:
• Retrofit & New Construction
• Exterior Insulating Sheathing
• Insulating Interior Basement Walls
• Insulating Foundation Walls
• Insulating Cathedral Ceilings

• Laminated/branded product with thin film on both sides
• Long-term R-value 3.9 per inch
• Closed cell insulation resists moisture

4x8 ft sheets
3/4, 1, 1-1/2, 2
inch thicknesses

DuroSpan (Type I) insulation complies with the requirements of ASTM
C578, Standard Specification for Rigid, Cellular Polystyrene Thermal
Applications using DuroSpan

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DuroSpan Insulation

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The table below provides material properties for DuroSpan insulation

Material Property Units ASTM Test
C578, Type I
Nominal Density pcf NA 1.00
Compressive Resistance1
Minimum @ 10% deformation
psi D1621 10.0
per inch thickness at mean temperature
40 0F ft2•hr•0F/Btu C518 4.2
75 0F 3.9
Water Vapor Permeance
Perm E96 5.0
Flexural Strength
psi C203 25.0
Dimensional Stability

% linear change D2126 2.0
Water Absorption3
% by volume D2861 4.0
Oxygen Index
volume % D2863 24
pcf C303 0.90

1 Compressive resistance measured at 10 percent in accordance with ASTM C578 is not intended for use when DuroSpan
insulation will be used to support long-term compressive loads.  Contact your Plasti-Fab technical representative for
additional information.
2  For additional information on thermal resistance requirements refer to ASTM C578.
3 ASTM Test Method C272 water absorption requires 24 hours submersion of specimen under water. The water absorption
values above are applicable to specific end-use design requirements only to the extent that the end-use conditions are similar
to requirements stated in the test method.