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PlastiSpan® Insulation
The most cost-effective rigid insulation

PlastiSpan® Insulation is used in Cathedral Ceiling, Continuous Insulation, Exterior Foundation, Interior Basement Walls, Basement Floor, Under Slab, Hydronic, EIFS and handi-pac Packaging & Display.
Overview Header

PlastiSpan Insulation is a moulded expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation.

• Meets all building code requirements
• Meets ASTM C578, Type I
• Thermal resistance - R-value 3.9 per inch
• Closed cell insulation resists moisture

EPS is a closed cell, rigid foam plastic insulation that does not contain a
blowing agent that provides a temporary increase in thermal resistance.

PlastiSpan insulation applied as continuous insulation over foundations, walls
and roofs eliminates thermal bridging, increasing your total effective R-value.
This reduces energy costs and increases your energy savings.

PlastiSpan® expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation conforms to ASTM C578,
Standard Specification for Rigid, Cellular Polystyrene Thermal Insulation,
as detailed below. PlastiSpan insulation has also been evaluated for
conformance with the requirements of ICC-ES AC12, Acceptance Criteria
for Foam Plastic Insulation per ICC-ES Evaluation Report ESR-1587 and
Intertek Code Compliance Research Report CCRR-1072 (see Code Support
section in Technical Library for additional information).

Specification Header

The table below provides material properties for PlastiSpan insulation meeting ASTM C578, Type I.

PlastiSpan Insulation Properties Units ASTM Test Type I
Nominal Density
pcf C303
Compressive Resistance2
Minimum @ 10% deformation
psi D1621 10.0
per inch thickness at
mean temperature
40 0F (ft2•hr•0F/Btu) C518 4.2
75 0F 3.9
Water Vapour Permanence
Perm E96 5.0
Flexural Strength
psi C203 25
Dimensional Stability
% linear change D2126 2.0
Water Absorption4
% by volume C272 4.0
Oxygen Index
volume % D2863 24
pcf C303 0.90
Flame Spread Index
E84 <25
Smoke-Developed Index