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Specialty Shape Cut
EPS can be cut and/or fabricated to your special requirements with
expert engineering and design. Window or in-store displays are very
easy to mass produce. Got an unusual shaped item, we can create
protection that will conform to it.

Specialty Shape Cut
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Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) by Plasti-Fab can be cut by following a
patterned drawing. By using this technology the options are astounding.
We can cut up to an 8 foot length of part while cutting multiple pieces at
once, thereby reducing material and time.

We also offers engineering assistance at no additional cost. Some of our
past projects that we have created with these machines are; signs, logos,
circles, steps, display items, snowflakes, pillars, moldings, corners, 2-D
/3-D, packaging, prom decor, unusual shapes or liners and so much more.

Specialty Cut EPS is amazingly strong and versatile while providing
cushioning, protection and remaining environmentally safe. Specialty Cut
Foam at Plasti-Fab lets you achieve product designs that wouldn't be
possible with other materials.
EPS Benefits:
  • The ability to be cut into many
    different shapes & sizes
  • Available in a wide range of types &
  • Ability to produce 3-Dimensional
  • Excellent protection and cushioning
  • EPS contains NO CFC'c, HFC's or
  • Lightweight-reducing shipping costs
  • Short lead time
  • Specific to your needs
  • EPS is not weakened by water
  • Provides thermal protection
  • Recyclable
With packaging designers on staff,
Plasti-Fab will design your shape molded
product to provide you with a cost effective
solution with high qualities, to meet your
packaging and shipping needs.

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