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Standing Seam Roofing Insulation

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Metal standing seam roof systems incorporating PlastiSpan insulation
provide an energy efficient option for a wide range of applications. The
exterior metal surface can include a variety of profiles and colors to suit many
architectural requirements and the system offers the added advantage of
installation at any temperature.

Modern metal roof designs incorporate a number of different design
concepts. The standing seams are often roll-formed on the job site and
include a sealant placed in the seam. The roof system is held down with
clips that are incorporated into the standing seams and have a slotted hole
for attachment to provide for expansion/contraction of the roof assembly.

The use of PlastiSpan insulation board within the metal roof assembly
provides a uniform insulation layer with the required thermal resistance.
The insulation can be laid over a light gauge steel deck incorporating a
thermal barrier or vapour barrier where required. An air barrier is
recommended in the roof system in order to avoid the movement of air
through the system. Standing seam roofs are applied to sloped roof
construction where the required slope is provided by the roof structure

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Standing Seam Roofing Product Selections PlastiSpan PlastiSpan HD
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Standing Seam Roofing

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