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Exterior Insulating Sheathing
Advantage ICF System® is used in Foundation Walls, Above Grade Walls, Party Walls and Frost Walls.

Energy Tip

Continuous insulation over your exterior walls eliminates thermal bridging,
increasing your total effective RSI/R-value. This reduces energy costs and
increases your energy savings.

Follow these simple How-to steps to install your PlastiSpan insulation to have an Exterior Insulating Sheathing.

1.Follow the building code.
Be sure to follow the building
code requirements applicable
in your region.

4. Install sheathing membrane. Sheathing membrane to be installed as per local building code requirements.
2. Plan the joints. Apply
the insulating sheathing board
over the exterior of wood
framing with all vertical edges
of boards butted tightly
together over stud locations
for adequate support.


5. Install exterior cladding. Follow cladding manufacturer instructions and building code requirements for installation of exterior finishing materials.
3. Use correct fasteners. Insulation board must be fastened to framing using fasteners with heads or washers at least 1/2" diameter where the cladding will be applied directly against the insulation. Fasteners with heads or washers at least 1" diameter must be used where an air space will exist between the insulation board and the cladding (e.g. brick cladding).