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Insulating under a Basement Floor
Residential Solutions - Insulating under a Basement Floor

Energy Tip

Continuous insulation under your slab eliminates thermal bridging,
increasing your total effective RSI/R-value. This reduces energy costs and
increases your energy savings.

Product Selections for this application:
PlastiSpan HD DuroSpan GPS R5 PlastiSpan 30

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Follow these simple How-to steps to install your PlastiSpan HD insulation for an insulated basement

1.Follow the building code.
Be sure to follow the building code requirements applicable
in your region.

3. Place PlastiSpan HD Insulation. When placing the insulation ensure that the joints are tightly butted together. (HINT: Ensure all openings are planned in advance.)
2. Moisture Barrier. Place & level a layer of granular fill. Place a 6-mil polyethylene moisture barrier over the granular fill.
4. Place the Concrete. Place the concrete using normal construction methods and equipment.