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Technical Library
Design Manual - Insulspan
The Design Manual is comprised of the individual publications listed below. To begin, please choose
a publication to download.

1. Wall to Foundation
arrow100.01 SIP Drop Wall/Deck [PDF | DWG]
arrow100.02A SIP Wall/Deck/Joist Parallel [PDF | DWG]
arrow100.03 SIP Wall/Slab [PDF | DWG]
arrow100.04 SIP Drop Wall/Deck/ICF [PDF | DWG]
arrow100.05 SIP Wall/Deck/ICF [PDF | DWG]
arrow100.05A SIP Wall/Deck/Joist Parallel/ICF [PDF | DWG]
arrow100.06 SIP Wall/SIP Floor [PDF | DWG]
arrow100.06A SIP Drop Wall/SIP Floor [PDF | DWG]
arrow100.07 SIP Wall/SIP Floor/Beam [PDF | DWG]
arrow100.07A SIP Wall/SIP Floor/Steel Beam [PDF | DWG]

2. Wall to Upper Floor
arrow200.01 SIP Wall/Floor/Joist Hanger [PDF | DWG]
arrow200.02 SIP Wall/Floor/Joist Perpendicular [PDF | DWG]
arrow200.02A SIP Wall/Floor/Joist Parallel [PDF | DWG]

3. Wall Corner
arrow200.03 SIP Wall Corner [PDF | DWG]
arrow200.04 SIP Wall Corner/Timber Frame [PDF | DWG]
arrow200.04A SIP Wall Corner/Timber Frame/Foam Gap [PDF | DWG]
arrow200.05 SIP Wall Inside Corner/Timber Frame [PDF | DWG]
arrow200.05A SIP Wall Inside Corner/Timber Frame/Foam Gap [PDF | DWG]
arrow200.06 SIP Wall Angled Corner [PDF | DWG]
arrow200.06A SIP Wall Angled Corner/Overlay [PDF | DWG]
arrow200.07 SIP Wall/Partition Wall [PDF | DWG]
arrow200.07A SIP Wall/Partition Wall [PDF]
arrow200.08 SIP Cabinet Insulation [PDF]

4. Wall to Roof
arrow300.01 SIP Wall/Roof/Square Cut Eave [PDF | DWG]
arrow300.01A SIP Wall/Roof/Blocking/Square Cut Eave [PDF | DWG]
arrow300.02 SIP Wall/Roof/Plumb Cut Eave [PDF | DWG]
arrow300.02A SIP Wall/Roof/Blocking/Plumb Cut Eave [PDF | DWG]
arrow300.03 SIP Wall/Pre-Engineered Wood Trusses [PDF | DWG]
arrow300.04 SIP Wall/Roof/Rafter/Square Cut Eave [PDF | DWG]
arrow300.04A SIP Wall/Roof/Rafter/Foam Gap/Square Cut Eave [PDF | DWG]
arrow300.05 SIP Wall/Roof/Rafter/Plumb Cut Eave [PDF | DWG]
arrow300.05A SIP Wall/Roof/Rafter/Foam Gap/Plumb Cut Eave [PDF | DWG]
arrow300.06 SIP Wall/Roof/Purlin/Square Cut Eave [PDF | DWG]
arrow300.06A SIP Wall/Roof/Purlin/Foam Gap/Square Cut Eave [PDF | DWG]
arrow300.07 SIP Wall/Roof/Purlin/Plumb Cut Eave [PDF | DWG]
arrow300.07A SIP Wall/Roof/Purlin/Foam Gap/Plumb Cut Eave [PDF | DWG]
arrow300.08 ICF Wall/SIP Roof/Square Cut Eave [PDF | DWG]
arrow300.09 ICF Wall/SIP Roof/Plumb Cut Eave [PDF | DWG]
arrow300.10 SIP Wall/Roof/Rake [PDF | DWG]
arrow300.11 SIP Wall/Roof/Timber Frame/Rake [PDF | DWG]
arrow300.11A SIP Wall/Roof/Timber Frame/Foam Gap/Rake [PDF | DWG]

5. Roof Ridge
arrow300.21 SIP Roof/Ridge Beam/Ridge Plates [PDF | DWG]
arrow300.21A SIP Roof/Rafter/Ridge Plates [PDF | DWG]
arrow300.22 SIP Roof/Ridge Beam/Two Part Foam [PDF | DWG]
arrow300.23 SIP Roof/Ridge Beam/Overlay [PDF | DWG]

6. Roof Valley
arrow300.31 SIP Roof/Valley Beam/Valley Plates [PDF | DWG]
arrow300.32 SIP Roof/Valley Beam/wo Part Foam [PDF | DWG]

7. Panel to Beam
arrow300.41 SIP Joints/Beam/OSB Surface Spline [PDF | DWG]
arrow300.41A SIP Joints/Beam/InsulSpline [PDF | DWG]
arrow300.42 SIP Panel/Intermediate Beam [PDF | DWG]
arrow300.43 SIP Joint On Top of Steel Beam With Insulspline [DWG]
arrow300.43A SIP Panel On Top Of Intermediate Steel Beam [DWG]

8. Connection Details
arrow400.01 SIP Joint/Single Lumber Spline [PDF | DWG]
arrow400.02 SIP Joint/OSB Surface Spline [PDF | DWG]
arrow400.03 SIP Joint/InsulSpline [PDF | DWG]
arrow400.04 SIP Joint/Double Lumber Spline [PDF | DWG]
arrow400.05 SIP Joint/Wood I-Joist Spline [PDF | DWG]
arrow400.06 SIP Joint/Single 4x Lumber Spline [PDF | DWG]
arrow400.07 SIP Wall End Connection Details [PDF | DWG]

9. Opening Details
arrow400.11 Opening/Lumber Header [PDF | DWG]
arrow400.12 Opening/SIP Header [PDF | DWG]
arrow400.13 Small Opening inside Panel [PDF | DWG]
arrow400.14 Opening With Insulated Header [PDF | DWG]
arrow400.15 Small Opening inside Panel [PDF | DWG]