EnerGreen® insulation Board is a moulded expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation with a thin film laminated to the top and bottom surfaces.

  • Durable product less susceptible to handling damage
  • Easy to cut and install
  • Meets ASTM C578, Type I
  • Meets International Residential Code® requirements
  • For Retrofit and New Construction

Material Properties of ENERGREEN® Insulation Type I

Material Property Units Test Method C578, Type I Values
Nominal Density pcf NA 1.00
Compressive Resistance
Minimum @ 10% Deformation
psi D1621 10.0
per inch thickness at mean temperature
40 °F ft2•hr•0F/Btu C518 4.2
75 °F 3.9
Water Vapour Permeance
Maximum - 25mm (1 inch) thickness
Perm E96 0.5
Flexural Strength
psi C203 25.0
Dimensional Stability
Maximum, 7 Days @ 70± 2℃ (158±40F)
% linear change D2126 2.0
Water Absorption
% by volume D2861 4.0
Oxygen Index
volume % D2863 24
pcf C303 0.90
Flame Spread Index E84 <25
Smoke-Developed Index E84 <450
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