What is EPS?

EPS is the acronym for moulded expanded polystyrene, a rigid closed cell foam plastic. EPS is inert to a wide range of chemicals. It has no food value and will not support the growth of insects, parasites or animal and plant life.

Our core competency at Plasti-Fab is expertise in EPS foams. Plasti-Fab is the only vertically integrated EPS company in North America; which as a consequence, provides us with technical expertise positioning us in a unique leadership position in the EPS industry.

A common marketplace misnomer is to refer to all polystyrene foam products as Styrofoam® . For instance, the ubiquitous white EPS coffee cups often used to reduce heat transferred from hot coffee to your fingertips are commonly referred to as "styrofoam cups" when in fact they are made from EPS. This misnomer is often carried over into other EPS product applications. It’s similar to referring to your tissues as Kleenex. Kleenex is a brand, tissues are the product.

Plasti-Fab EPS insulation solutions are marketed under the PlastiSpan® or DuroFoam® trademarks. PlastiSpan and DuroFoam insulation are lightweight and easy to handle. The closed cell structure assures constant thermal performance and excellent resistance to moisture absorption. PlastiSpan and DuroFoam insulation are available in a range of product types that can be used in a wide variety of applications to construct energy-efficient buildings.

Plasti-Fab EPS insulation is used in the construction of buildings to insulate roofs, walls, floors or foundations. It is also used as the insulation component in energy-efficient building systems, such as the Advantage ICF System®, an insulating concrete forming (ICF) system, and the Insulspan® SIP System, a structural insulating panel (SIP) system.

Plasti-Fab EPS solutions for geotechnical engineered applications are marketed under trademarks specific to the application. GeoSpec® is the trademark used for applications that include structural lightweight fill material for road construction or landscape design. GeoSpan® and GeoVoid® are the trademarks used for compressible fill materials used between concrete structures and expansive soils. PlastiSpan insulation is also used in geotechnical engineered applications such as the insulation of utility lines.

Plasti-Fab EPS product solutions are also used in a variety of non-construction applications. For instance, it is commonly used as a buoyancy component material in breakwaters and concrete pods for floating structures and in buoyancy billets to float docks or rafts. Another very common application is use for packaging, display and numerous other custom OEM applications.

The Plasti-Fab website has been set up to assist you in finding information on the EPS product solution you are looking for and we invite you to review the sections devoted to the variety of applications possible. Please use the Contact section to ask any additional questions you may have or to sign up for our Newsletter to keep up to date on new Plasti-Fab EPS product solutions.