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Plasti-Fab’s versatile Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) product offerings include insulation, building systems, geofoam, and product protection options. Discover what products work best for you from our rigid foam, moulded EPS, graphite enhanced EPS, and laminated product lines.

Application Solutions

Plasti-Fab manufactures Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) product solutions for a wide range of building and geotechnical applications. Learn about the various types of applications and product selections for the best R-value, thermal performance, and compressive resistance for Residential, Commercial, Renovation, and Geofoam projects.


Plasti-Fab’s Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) products and applications are supported by code-testing and technical documentation that includes R-values, material properties, in-situation performance measurements, and design recommendations. We put the Expert in Expertise.


What makes Plasti-Fab the business of choice for contractors? Learn more about our company, founded in 1968, and the brand promise of Quality, Service and Expertise. Meet the team, check out some of our projects, and learn about our sustainability initiatives.

50 years of EPS Product Solutions Expertise

Plasti-Fab’s EPS products have been developed, manufactured and rigorously tested for codes, material properties and performance. With an extensive product information library, we have bulletins that cover a wide range of topics including material properties, handling, installation for applications, code reports and listings, and the performance of the products in situational testing.

Whether you are just beginning to build with Plasti-Fab EPS products, or you are a seasoned builder who has worked with eps for many years, we have resources to help you with whatever project you take on. Plasti-Fab’s educational video series addresses the tips and tricks of installing our products in a wide array of building applications. No time for videos? No problem. Download our How-To Application sheets for a step by step tutorial on the install process you are working on.

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