Our energy-efficient products include code-listed EPS insulation solutions for commercial and industrial applications. We use low-VOC resin that, each year, prevents 100 tonnes of emissions and our recycling programs divert 400 tonnes of EPS waste from landfills. All of our products are GREENGUARD certified.

Exterior Insulation Finish System

PlastiSpan EFS insulation covers the outside of buildings so the structure is isolated from wide temperature fluctuations and reduces expansion & contraction while stabilizing the interior temperature.
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PlastiSpan® roofing insulation solutions are versatile, cost-effective and code-listed for use in multiple types of roofing applications. Along with the proven LTTR performance of the product, Plasti-Fab provides on-time deliveries & technical expertise for your project.
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Cavity Walls

Cavity walls, also known as rain screens, provide an insulated layer to the wall while allowing water to drain away from the building. The closed cell insulation properties of EPS provide a protective layer, effectively sealing the joints of the wall against air & moisture movement.
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Precast Concrete Panels

Precast concrete panels set in place as walls can be easily and economically insulated by incorporating Plasti-Fab PlastiSpan® insulation into the panel at time of manufacture. When placed, the panel provides a fully insulated finished wall section.
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Insulspan SIP Walls

Insulspan Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) used for commercial wall construction meet and exceed building code requirements, reduce build times, and provide a fully insulated, set-in- place wall system, reducing skilled labor and sub-trades on site.
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Insulspan SIP System Roofs

The Insulspan SIP roof system is an effective, code-listed solution that provides energy-efficiency, longer roof spans & thicknesses to meet R-value requirements. Reduce installation time and energy bills for a high performing commercial structure.
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Advantage ICF System

Building with Advantage ICFs provides improved energy efficiency and effective thermal resistance. The Advantage system also provides a safe, quiet living solution (STC rating of >50) with reduced noise transmission and reduced air leakage.
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Pipe & Vessel Insulation

Plasti-Fab fabricates PlastiSpan® insulation for pipes and vessels to provide maximum thermal efficiency, physical properties and economy to suit the requirements of the application. PlastiSpan insulation is a lightweight insulation which is easy to install.
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Cold Storage

PlastiSpan® insulation is well suited for use as insulation of cold storage space because of its excellent thermal resistance, dimensional stability, durability and long-term thermal performance. It is available in various thicknesses to meet R-value requirements.
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Ice Rinks

Plasti-Fab PlastiSpan® insulation board is installed under the floor slabs of artificial ice rinks to minimize the effect of soil frost heaving beneath the ice surface, effectively shortening the time required to make or remove an ice surface.
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Utility Insulation

The use of PlastiSpan® insulation around buried utilities protects them from the freeze/thaw cycles and unstable soil conditions. This lightweight, easy to install insulation protects utilities from damage even if exposed to high temperature fluctuations.
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Split Slabs

A split floor slab incorporates insulation into the slab yet retains concrete on each surface to meet the requirements for non- combustibility. This construction is suited for open parking under elevated buildings, entrance areas, cantilevered constructions, etc.
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Radon Mitigation

Radon Guard® Insulation is a 2-in-1 eps solution providing under slab insulation while protecting your structure from Radon gas. Available in various thicknesses, Radon Guard® is lightweight and easy to install with R-values to meet project requirements.
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GeoSpan® Compressible Fill

GeoSpan® Compressible Fill material is an expanded polystyrene product designed to act as a compressible medium between swelling soils and structural elements.
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GeoVoid® Compressible Fill

GeoVoid® Compressible Fill material is an expanded polystyrene product designed to act as a compressible medium between swelling soils and structural elements.
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