Insulated Slab
A split floor slab incorporates insulation into the slab yet retains concrete on each surface to meet the requirements for non- combustibility. This construction is suited for open parking under elevated buildings, entrance areas,cantilevered constructions, etc. The structural slab is poured in the normal manner and if necessary can be constructed to meet the fire rating required for the floor. Plasti-Fab PlastiSpan insulation is placed on the floor slab and a covering slab is poured over the insulation. The covering slab is normally reinforced to eliminate shrinkage cracks but does not contribute to the structural capacity of the slab and can be of minimum compressive strength concrete or sand - cement mixture. PlastiSpan insulation resists the absorption of moisture and is not affected by direct contact with the wet concrete. Care should be taken with concrete vibrators as the boards will float up if the wet concrete is forced under them.

Isolated Slab (for sound absorption)
Sound transmission through construction material is reduced by high mass materials that are capable of absorbing the sound energy. The sound will, however pass through a massive member unless it is isolated. PlastiSpan insulation is an excellent isolator because of its light density that prevents the transmission of sound from one structural component to Sound Insulation Concret Finish another. Relatively thin thickness of insulation 25 mm (1”) is adequate. It is critical that there is complete isolation of the structural components, no concrete fins through the insulation, no metal connectors, or structural members passing through the sound isolation material. The covering slab may be of concrete, particle board or plywood.

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