Plasti-Fab insulation is excellent for insulating cold environments, such as pipes and vessels containing cold liquids or gases at temperature from normal room temperature down to and including cryogenic temperatures - i.e., below -100 °C (-150 °F). Properly shaped insulation coverings efficiently control condensation and heat transfer.

At cryogenic temperatures, extreme care is necessary to ensure that vapour barriers are complete and adequate. PlastiSpan insulation is not suitable for insulating environments which will be maintained at heat service temperatures greater than 60 °C (140 °F).

Insulation can be used to protect the contents of the pipe or vessel from the effects of a freezing exterior temperature. Examples of this application would be utility and sewer lines buried in an area where the ground temperature will be below freezing or which are exposed to the weather for other reasons. Methods for accomplishing this are dealt with the Plasti-Fab brochure 'Utilities Insulation'.

Plasti-Fab fabricates PlastiSpan insulation for pipes and vessels to provide maximum thermal efficiency, maximum physical properties and maximum economy to suit the requirements of the application. PlastiSpan insulation is a lightweight insulation which is easy to handle, ship and install.

Pipe and vessel coverings are fabricated with a butt joint or an optional tongue and groove longitudinal joint. A factory applied foil jacketing can be supplied to most pipe coverings or to vessel coverings in order to provide a vapour barrier.

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