Radon Gas is naturally occurring, and moves up out of the ground into a structure through cracks in the foundation or slab. According to Health Canada, Radon Gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer. New building codes require new construction to have a radon mitigation system in place.

Radon Guard® Insulation is a key component for radon mitigation systems and is the code compliant one-to-one replacement for the code-required 100 mm thick layer of granular material. This 2-in-one system both insulates and protects the health of a structure. Manufactured from PlastiSpan HD insulation, Radon Guard has an R-value of 4.04 per inch and compressive strength of 16 psi.

Radon Guard® insulation is a patent-pending sub-slab depressurization panel. Radon Guard allows for soil gas removal, insulates the concrete slab, and provides a capillary break between the ground and the air barrier system. CCMC Evaluation Report 13698-R confirms that the interconnected channels on the underside of Radon Guard insulation provide the required means to direct soil gas to a radon gas mitigation system.

  • Available in 3x4 ft, 2 ft high bundles
  • 3.5”, 4”, 4.5”, 5”, 5.5” thicknesses
  • Also available in 20, HD, 25, 30 and 40 psi

Radon Guard® insulation panels installed under a concrete slab allow for the collection of radon gas within the sub-slab space to that it can then be exhausted through a radon mitigation system rather than entering the building.

Radon Guard™ insulation is the code compliant one-to-one replacement for a 100mm thick layer of granular material, the prescriptive solution required by building codes.

Radon Guard is easy to cut and install

Material Properties of Radon Guard®

CAN ULC S701.1
Material Properties
Test Method Units Property Values
Thermal Resistance
Minimum RSI per 25mm (R per inch)
Compressive Resistance
Minimum @ 10% Deformation
Flexural Strength
Water Vapour Permeance
Water Absorption
% By Volume 4.0
Dimensional Stability
Maximum, 7 Days @ 70 ± 2 ℃ (158 ± 4°F )
D2126 % linear change 1.5
Limiting Oxygen Index
D2863 % 24
Thermal Resistance for Some Common Thicknesses
Millimeters RSI Inches R-Value
19 0.49 3/4" 2.81
25 0.65 1" 3.75
38 0.98 1 1/2" 5.63
50 1.30 2" 7.50
75 1.95 3" 11.25
Other Standard & Custom thicknesses available upon request.
Standard sizes range from; 2x4,2x8,4x4,4x8.

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