What is GPS?

GPS is a graphite polystyrene (GPS) rigid foam insulation that gives maximum efficiency, cost-effectiveness and sustainability to your insulation projects. Architects, contractors and builder-owners benefit from insulation made of Neopor GPS because of the special advantages this material offers.

Graphite enhanced Polystyrene has multiple benefits:

Stability and Durability

GPS is adaptable in size, thickness, shape and density, providing maximum flexibility and durability. GPS is stable as it consistently delivers the highest true R-value performance over time.


GPS is a breathable and semi-permeable high performance insulation that helps reduce the risk of mold, rot and structural damage associated with moisture condensation and long-term water retention.

Adaptable to all climate zones

GPS powers up when it gets cold outside. Insulating external walls with Neopor GPS increases the temperature of their inside surfaces which helps create a better indoor climate. GPS boards are thinner than others so the same effect is achieved with less material.


GPS uses up to 30% less material than other rigid foam insulation to achieve the same R-value, saving on building materials and installation labor.

Third-party validated and certified

Neopor GPS earned GREENGUARD Gold Certification