PlastiSpan EFS insulation used in EIFS applications covers the outside of the building so that the structure is isolated from the wide temperature fluctuations of the climate. This reduces expansion and contraction of the structure and stabilizes interior temperatures. When using PlastiSpan EFS insulation in EIFS applications it provides a complete exterior blanket of insulation in a simpler manner than application of insulation on the interior.

PlastiSpan Insulation is code listed with CCMC 12424-L and meets the requirements of CAN ULC S701.1, Type 1.

PlastiSpan EFS insulation is manufactured under a stringent quality control program to meet the requirements of EIFS manufacturers that includes third party certification of material properties.

PlastiSpan EFS insulation can be supplied to any thickness required to provide specified thermal resistance (R-Value) and special shapes can be provided that will create the style or form needed for the building.

  • Meets all building code requirements
  • Thermal resistance - RSI 0.65/25 mm (R-value 3.75/inch)
  • Most cost-effective insulation per R-value
  • Closed cell insulation resists moisture
  • Easy to cut and install
  • Maintains R-value
  • Can be used in Retrofit & new construction

Material Properties of PlastiSpan® EFS

Material Property Test Method Units Property Values
C303 or D1622 pcf 0.90
Thermal Resistance
C177 or C518 ft2•hr•°F/BTU
75°F | 3.60
40°F | 4.00
Water Vapour Permanence
E96 perms 5.0
Dimensional Stability
D2126 % linear change 1.5
Water Absorption
C272 % By Volume 4.0
Flexural Strength
C203 psi 25
Compressive Resistance
Minimum @10% Deformation
C165 or D1621 psi 10
Limiting Oxygen Index
Minimum @10% Deformation
D2863 % by volume 24
Additional Material Properties for PlastiSpan EFS Insulation
Water Absorption
C272 % by volume 2.0
Dimensional Stability
D2126 % linear change 0.5
Tensile Strength
D1623 psi 15
Standard Dimension per ASTM E2430
Length 48 inches
Width 24 inches
Thickness 3/4 inch to as specified
Dimensional Tolerences ASTM E2430
Length ±1/16 inch (±1.6 mm)
Width ±1/16 inch (±1.6 mm)
Thickness Minimum: 3/4 inch (20 mm)
Maximum: As specified
±1/16 inch
±1/16 inch
Squareness When measured on the large flat face from one corner to the opposing corner, dimensional variations shall not exceed 1/32 inch in 12 inch
Edge Trueness When measured with a straight edge, edges shall not deviate more than 1/32 inch in 12 inch
Face Flatness When measured across the face with a straight edge, maximum deviation from the straight edge shall not exceed more than 1/32 inch
Storage Condition Average Temperature Minimum Storage Period
Low Pentane (<4.5% pentane) Raw Materials and Vacuum Mould Technology
Plant Aging Ambient Temperature 68 °F and RH 12 Days
Full Pentane (nominal 6% pentane) Raw Materials and Vacuum Mould Technology
Plant Aging Ambient Temperature 68 °F and RH 18 Days
Full Pentane (nominal 6% pentane) Raw Materials and Non-Vacuum Mould Technology
Plant Aging Ambient Temperature 68 °F and RH 42 Days
Heat Aging Elevated Temperature 140 °F 5 Days
Material Properties ASTM E84
Flame Spread Index 20
Smoke Developed Index 300

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