Built up roof assemblies have been used commonly for many years, and are suitable for new or maintenance requirements. Built up roof assemblies incorporating PlastiSpan insulation board have been tested for compliance with requirements for fire rated roof assemblies. PlastiSpan®sloped or flat insulation board is used extensively as the insulation component within built up roof assemblies.

Plasti-Fab’s EPS insulation is an excellent choice for roofing applications due to its long-term thermal resistance and performance qualities. With R-values ranging between 3.75 per inch to 4.7 per inch depending on the product used, it is a cost-effective thermal insulation that provides increased energy efficiency within the structure.

A protection board, such as 13 mm fiberboard, must be placed over the PlastiSpan insulation board prior to applying the built up roof membrane. The protection board protects the top surface of the PlastiSpan insulation from contact with the hot asphalt.

Traffic decks can be installed in the normal manner over built up roof assemblies using PlastiSpan insulation, however, as with any type of insulated roof assembly, care must be taken to ensure adequate drainage is provided at the membrane surface. As well, care must be taken at the edge of the roof, parapets and wall junctions to ensure that the membrane is not put under strain and can be kept water tight.

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